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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 12, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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you african-american? i don't understand the surprising secret passage of the head of the naacp in washington through close the chapter headed ahead as a major crude to the golden gate bridge shut down for a long weekend and a new application data designed to help parents keep track of their kids to the first of its kind from an unusual sort the fbi this the fourth hour of your choice for prime time news. this is the bay area new station kron 4 news that it starts now >>terisa estacio: >>catherine heenan: >>catherine heenan: he is live in the east bay but how people are staying call but we are here with more on the forecaster. >>reporter: we actually wrote a
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couple of records in two cities take a look at that a little more 101 got to of the records that in concord 99 the livermore records 99 if we beat that won by a few degrees concord warmer record at 94 we beat that would add 99 everything else for san francisco not so much 73 topic out of oakland 75 napa that 83 the rest of 94 pairs with temperatures are right now still pretty one concord in 92 livermore 89¢ a rosetta for said francisco come early as 66 we have one more day in the '90s tomorrow as is sea and ice planet here is with the rest of the evening was like 81 and the locations 63 is a location by 9:00 p.m. 12 met 971 for and won a 61 for the east bay shoreline by far the cloud cover and add to fog in the coastal regions average in mid fifties of all for your morning commute with speeds right now breezy and a clutch of lost our 21 hour and a preference of moscow hours a little more and not to press with the wind speeds of san
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francisco peninsula locations. >>reporter: when will we expect the court all coming up in just a few minutes. >>catherine heenan: let's check and with scott rates he is like a walnut creek. >>scott rates: everyone out here is doing what they can to beat the heat this on right here it was hot today so far as time goes on i am not one to live at all about jumping in the leg behind me everyone out here taking in right now according to my application 82 degrees but just how hot was it today it is wicked hot i have been sweating all deck hot hot hot temperatures on the rise all over the east bay in the walnut creek pick are doing whatever they can to beat the heat. i >>: sit inside also met with my son i am going swimming right now >>scott rates: that is your best
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bet that is the base than record-breaking he broke in concord and in the more friday afternoon and with temperatures expected to stay near the central market to the weekend people out here are taking all the proper precautions. stay indoors lots of sunscreen bring lots of water with you at one out here is doing the hot temperatures of one to be with us through the weekend is expected to cool down by monday. >>catherine heenan: if you decide to jump and it was a morning for the latest updates on the bay area forecast you could download are mobile web application this as average citizens face mandatory and voluntary water so the state refinery where life concord with
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the contra costa water the success of finery are trying to use less water. >>phillipe djegal: there are three major refineries and peers service by the contra costa water district will lose them as an example of this like the rest of the state gave an act to tighten up but not as much as you might think for the cost across the water district would be shell's martinez plant to store golden facility in the u.s. they reduced their process water use by 5% that water is was used to make their products and cool them sharing a necessity to run appreciably we understand that she says process' water to mix with to
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set the dishes water use of the refiners are operating with the district on finding ways to lower consumption all this of course of the part of the district tried to reach is overall conservation goal of 20 percent live in concord. >>grant lodes: though washington naacp president rachel is you see here she is been portrayed herself as a black woman for more than a decade this is a childhood picture of the left which looks like now her cover has been blown it turns out to a white woman who the posing as a
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black woman for more than a decade our parents say it provided the to out pictures of her after she was recently professed by local news reporter) say that this city has which the naacp is standing by her sank in a statement wondrous identity is not a qualifying criteria. >>catherine heenan: it has drawn out raids and raise questions as to how it could happen at the civil rights organization we talk to a bay area president of the naacp.
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>>haaziq madyun: the naacp has not had a rental qualifications for membership so as of to the branch to decide whether to remove her as president. >>grant lodes: they're looking into a series of car parked there been 15 catalytic converter stolen their and less than a week will map and out for you the majority of the past have been happening here and the west ridge subdivision area of the press also been stolen from cars part of trees in the area i 101 and washington street also along maria drive in the northeast part of the city
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detective from god diesel pickup trucks the sequoia's teleconverter as a matter of the container which can result for anywhere from hundred to five from the books i have the cost of about $4,000 to replace them. >>catherine heenan: this is a survey by consumer report that says they were 1 million fewer victims from 2014 to 2015 the sentences could be a said the court confirmed the use of phone kill switches is working to prevent a violent robberies the kill switch deactivate dog making it unusable that even if the memory is white they say a prison employee help to convicts escaped from prison and now she is behind bars herself this is a frantic search were the to men continues. >>reporter: joyce mitchell this
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is one large piece of the puzzle investigators say they gave the man hacksaw blades drill bits and special eyeglasses this issue had a relationship with our bulk prisoners she was arrested and charged if convicted she could face up to eight years behind bars our family is the line she had any involvement with the bridge and the state investigators say her husband also the search for the inmates continue if they have to walk through more than 800 law forced officials are combing through northeast new york tech in wooded areas setting up checkpoints and telling
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residents the latest lease land on their gas station and sandwich shop at the crack in box pick up the scent and this is a look and surveillance video from the station about a mile from the prison were the two may have been rummaging for food in the trash where come for real will not stop and to your car. >>catherine heenan: include an unprecedented order to one also technology that might help save the child's life the fbi's new application that every parent should have industry closes that could have major delays for commuters how you could brace for the traffic impact.
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>>catherine heenan: the approach to the golden gate bridge will be closed for several days in july they can move traffic under the new presidio parkway were alive a san francisco presidio would details and a preview of what driver said expect >>charles clifford: this is the second time caltrans is going to try to close down the well
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driver behind me-i do in june but because of a computer glitch will take the equipment they had to delay and now they're going to try again in the july the closure will begin on thursday july 9th at 10:00 p.m. and continue until monday july 13th to 5 in the morning and only involve all six of the wheel drive seen here and read between san francisco's marina district and i want intersection it was a bill to reach the gold index bridge using highway one senior and green was is shut down the have to complete a lot of work it will be seven in nine hours of a lot of activity wants to roll away reopens drivers will be able to use all the and the presidio parkway which is under construction since 2009 that includes some long clothes off and on ramps if everyone will be driver on all the elements of the new roadway you have the new connections for highway 1 and
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101 you have the new access to the presidio and a new accent to get to the marina finally couch and is also asking that driver tried to avoid the area completely during the july shut down some of the friday morning that is a commune that we're hoping you can plan ahead and take today off if at all possible and that will allow. >>charles clifford: after the close is completed they will have to go in and removed all the temporary detour and then start on significant amounts of landscaping before the project is finished >>terisa estacio: >>reporter: is one to be in the '90s but it will not be as hot as it sought to lead to a prodigious today as we mentioned a lot more in concord to more or less the '90s as well 85 copter
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86 cousins and antioch still at 90 the a special allowances to 5 fog 17 is from hayward and 62 for richmond san francisco and 64 in daly city at 59 degrees here is was the extent of the rest of the evening increasing when speech and clouds and coastal clouds mainly in the peninsula locations about a moscow our average in the morning coastal called bradley clearing sunny skies in the east bay locations and afternoon hot temperatures and land the one is written by judge harris of source of a the result high- pressure and place that is why we get the temperature in the triple digits in the '90s and operated in the east bay location nor rent in the fourth half of next week or so, things of an accord out of place was a low pressure system comes and we will start today tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. with the seven is across by no time much our look at that the red indicating operated postal '90s temperatures i was allowed until
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the daytime high at around 3:00 p.m. cocotte average temperatures 85 degree mark even nineties for in one location to a prominent san francisco political consultant has been ordered by a city judge not to interact with children it was arrested last month for allegedly having a distributing child pornography he workwoman high-profile election campaigns most recently from their addling. >>catherine heenan: that uncovered a cache of trout and our feet the the is offices on the images depict sexual abuse of infants as young as 6 months old they're maintaining his innocence he's out on bail the hearing is set for late august state water officials have
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ordered the biggest cut on record for farmers more than 100 senior rights holders are being told to stop pumping water from california watershed decision will affect thousands of farmers and applies to farmers and others who like to water they show that california is sparing fewer and fewer users in the push to cut back on water use, owner of a bay area new resort have been charged with still in water. >>grant lodes: precious water the lupine laws and lost battles are allegedly it taking water from a nearby property to the web site here 77 year-old and his wife's were charged today with felony conspiracy to commit trespassing for the purpose of entering or property right the
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d.a.'s office said all along with two employees they repeatedly diverted water from section a local crack but they did not own the honor have said they're allowed to use the waterfall which they use for topping off a skinny dipping cool and they say fighting for to the fires. >>jackie sissel: the deficit or renovation to run at a as part >>catherine heenan: after that the local program for the south side of the part of the 21 men dollars renovation are expected to be complete by fall of next year some of the public is at an and the will spill in santa barbara are flying free again some of them released today along the coast the birds were found in oil but spilled after the pipeline broke roughly
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100,000 gal. going into the soil and the water if some of the public as or unable to fly after the spill and extensive care the specialist wash them by hand and kept them in a care center until they were helping again every year thousands of children go missing coming up at a clock will to your butt and child safety application designed by the fbi to help protect your children. >>stanley roberts: coming up looking for bad behavior look no farther than the intersection of california and how in san francisco were flashing red lights mean absolutely nothing i was a slight and the next addition of people behaving badly.
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and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: at first glance you probably cannot tell but there are flashing red lights here just about every single mortar cycled ignore the light you have to observe their white or gray grow the flashing red light mean stop after stop you may proceed with this if you have to observe the right of free from the kremlin a winery's the driver's manual and more if justice find something with a motor and go for broke the red light runners are simply out of
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control they believe a slowdown this is the problem would ever reason the flesh a relaxing is absolutely nothing to some drivers at the intersection to cable cars meet the power and the california street like the cable cars almost always have the right away it in fact when stops you have to wait until they are moving again before you to proceed they're stepping off to the cable cars having getting trained by drivers and motorcycles still could ignore this time but that is not the only sign they ignored this is in the left turn signed and in all directions you cannot turn left but do not tell the to the truck driver for this part in force officer then there the
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legal use terms like this all across the tracks or cable cars are now required to stop that is a collision waiting to happen toss and taurus tried to cross the street adding the red light runners an illegal left turns and you turns and people driving on the tracks and this might as did the center for all bad drivers what are your part? in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>catherine heenan: in his graduation day for us to survive traumatic brain surgery and of their rest want you to reward you for being of light as the question of a lot of people are asking tonight.
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my name is jose lopez. i'm a troubleman in san francisco. i've been with the company for 29 years. a troubleman restores and troubleshoots electrical issues, getting customers' power back on. we're 24/7, 365 days a year. i love my job. going up in the bucket and seeing all of san francisco, it's an exhilarating feeling. i was born and raised in san francisco. this is where i live and there's a sense of pride in providing great power to our customers. when i go out there and get their power back on, there's a great sense of satisfaction. together, we're building a better california. >>grant lodes: defending her client saying he is not racist for the dallas police officer resigned after this video showed of pulling a gun on teenagers at a pool party saying officer is not constantly being threatened he is or friends family safety and until these threats slowed
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down or stop he is going into hiding for the allegations you targeting black teenagers and not white ones they say he finds those allegations disgusting as a restless and taxes are demanding the charges be brought against the officer however they did not as of now specify what crimes he should be charged with. >>catherine heenan: past four problems for americans abroad we will explain why could cause some significant travel delays this summer coming up i have an import mobile application to show off the every parent to have on the smart phone if the child goes missing a to be the first place to go for help.
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this is the bay area new station >>catherine heenan: it does the unthinkable happens in your child goes missing or is subducted the tech reporter shows to a mobile application that could save the lives. >>gabe slate: this is a free digital tool crib for parents by the fbi called the fbi child an
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application is for all the digital information they need about the child and get that information into the right hands instead lay after you install it you at your kid's profile pictures from the phones all library new) record all the important descriptive information about child if something happens and you need to share this information authorities did use a special tax on the application to quickly and easily even of information to the right agency instantly also stored the local police department contact information as well with one click to complete a call to the national center for missing and exploited children this application considered a lot of time to call our to try to run out descriptions of your kids and finding pictures of this to you have the information ready to go at a moment's notice applicants include tips of keeping children saved as well as specific guidance on what to do in the first 24 hours they're missing and then the next 24 hours and there are helpful links and resources provided no
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information on your child will be collected or store by the fbi and the trip provided during an emergency again it is called the child id application >>reporter: that is right people are having a blast pulling down- and let america while they were having fun this it was great knowing that they're also concerning people of all ages have gotten in the water there was a job as that made people cannot have fun and the water
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that ensure that the bad part is always the focus on smart water usage that is write a spokesperson from the park tells me they're recycled water and attend a closed loop system with the use it over and over again attention, is used for the sprinkler system this knowledge to allot of parodies they're ready use a low flush toilet and a great american there and the process of installing your mouse at use very little water now tell me the goal is to continue a serving as much as they can as the drought continues to. >>catherine heenan: hobart is closing a stretch of track and
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that could affect about a week in plans service between the oakland coliseum and the for the station will be shut down all day saturday and sunday at 8:00 a.m. when says this is for critical mean that there will be a bus bridge in the train to go up and running in time for game 5 of the finals on sunday and that the fans will be increased again to take part the south of a teenager is accused of masterminding an armed home invasion robbery against his own family they say he was arrested and arraigned on zero felony first-degree robbery charge of home invasion happened and san jose last month or looking at part of the security video three other people are arrested to teenagers also a man in his 20s the teenagers are charged as adults they say felony robbery charges all for the senses are scheduled to be back in court next month of former the agent was arrested for allegedly posing as an fbi agent to up
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people are money they said the 70 year-old david horowitz taken into custody thursday in los angeles he and another man are accused of trying to still more than $300,000 from unsuspecting victims of a suspect he is accused of posing as an attorney and his men in custody since last year the state department is suspending the issue to u.s. passports overseas they say this because of a computer glitch that's left overseas embassies on able to print the visas and passports and other travel documents the people who submit all my application for passports or visas on or after june 9th can expect delays in processing the official said and perhaps as much second application for security clearances for
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government employees including for military and intelligence workers even applications for top-secret clearances some say it could seriously damage national security just a week ago officials say happens all the personal affirmation of 4 million cards and former federal employees that attack is being blamed on the chinese much more news ahead.
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>>catherine heenan: the french police are arguing they're doing their job trying to protect children for trapping the lugar was the type and this past weekend at that airport she was traveling alone but have the required document but they thought her passport fog did not look like her she was held for three days before mother was asked to come identified the laurel and court the golden state warriors are back in the bay area as a flight out of leaving right away after the game that decided to get a good night's sleep to the haft in the charter jet and land in oakland early this afternoon the video is from our partnership with abc seven after the win yesterday in
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a game for the finals the series is now tied at two games apiece >>grant lodes: 1 woman has been with the team through the years sweeties she celebrated her the most people last night she turned hundred and six years old yesterday the same day they played the best game of the finals even the series two games apiece she actually went to game one of the finals if steph curry gets her shout out a press conference sharp as a tactic should alone last time the devils won a championship 40 years ago she was a senior citizen than cheers to sweep the year to many more birthdays she still wants to keep going in here is a to more workers wins this season. >>reporter: it is not him another chance tomorrow as you get the '90s with the rest of the evening's 81 by m1 9:00 p.m.
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by midnight pettifog was rolling through parts of the golden gate area but we would get seven on the bridge for and locations for is to assure line 5:00 a.m. tomorrow cloud cover and coastal fog we saw that this morning you get back to our morning 531157 for the east bay there is a sad lauretta sure you'll the ridge of high pressure in place does the force of all the templates and the 100 had today in the '90s we broke records account and the more because of that norad in the forecast for the next week or so for the san francisco bay area temperatures ease today and tomorrow looks like this know how to the remarks in place but we will be in the mid-90s of from 9592 and then sell low its forecast of valley 85 campbell sunnyvale 83
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in mountain view at 83 if you have plans to have to napa should be nice out there chris guy sunny conditions 84 for napa to maracay 94 saturday '90s sunday and then we are slightly on monday 86 degrees 76 for the east bay city and 64 for the post that come back wednesday into next week are rest month's racial tension what with the call what appreciation that also
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of very special graduation day for one scene near we thought he would never make it. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪♪
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it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood. >>catherine heenan: the high school student's battling from brain surgery so read a huge miles from then attended high school graduation it was a moment of pure inspiration the determination to step up to get his diploma and a graduate high school hours the medical
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complications after brain surgery here and have to go by to rest on a was to speak and see if pretty much confined in this space as odd sleep half toward shannon was not sure what happened medical complications said the back to hospital and shot a few weeks ago this on a
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gradual is no quitter his next challenge wall the sky is a limit for this young man his presence here along he remembers it was a big day although there were no where tuition part is the victim and his family had to take a back to the hospital and charlotte for more treatment recall rest month as saying that given to us at discounts to white customers. >>terisa estacio >>catherine heenan: they decided to roll with said the rest from has been getting a lot of backlash and fact that the bomb sniffing dog was what your guest to lead all merced's it is not meant to be it the storm and the rest it and understand what all
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american we come together and work together as american what they respect each other he says the goal was to promote unity and now he is using the controversy to promote that message and even phil the restaurant. >>gary: they did not waste any time they came right out west today they took their time most of the nba teams leave right after the game to get home left is more likely one left of file this morning and they're ready to go no one has questioned the
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greatness but it was not fully on display last night steph curry finally warmed up 22.47 on 3 lebron james 7 of 22 f-16 issue below 4% of taking the time to do whatever it takes to win the biggest challenge is being down 3 to game 5 and the golden state. >>gary: a little research during the break we were downtown and we spoke for a moment with the cleveland cavalier assistant coaches your problem did not
8:47 pm
know what i said was met and humorous name a little woman soccer the united states vs. lead in the women's world cup the contest nobody stored the u.s.a. will play nigeria on tuesday you as a sit-in u.s. a
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sweden and have a sore left to rest right now the giants are losing to arizona one to nothing they do not have had at this juncture is through five innings and had been betting the a's pitcher who throws with both arms he is placed on the fifth thing is i will list with a strained right shoulder and of course the when the mexican scratcher had already it throws left it throws right. >>reporter: the referees make gold is that the title and you think it is all right? >>gary: it is just to me i hate to blame
8:49 pm
anything on the officials if you want to limit referees but remember during the dinner break where with a ritual and tyrone low assistant coaches of the cleveland cavaliers does about it. >>gary: fact i tell you he's to be the head coach of milwaukee and jason snuck in and took his job that was my big joke what have you do do not press jason again.
8:50 pm
>>reporter: has finally worn down after long season. >>gary: he looked a little tired but you have to remember we talked about lebron james same as having three players running him at the time the has the ball he is able to take these long shots you're more excited a lot of to the game with your son the chairman for the warriors. >>gary: 100% all scare when you do this for a living they make
8:51 pm
the number one around here i made the mistake of writing up the war is right now on all the excitement was oppose it was three championships at the end of the day no matter what happens to a warrant and about a month when is all baseball to help the growth of to look like his mom stress ahead while the
8:52 pm
simple act of mon someone's lawn really did change a woman's life stay with us.
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>>grant lodes: it comes out of texas three young brothers they stepped up to help the old woman who was about to go to jail for not more her lawn this is the 75 year-old they are young and jerry subtle shift from reason taxes near waco she letter long ago 75 the city says it cannot be over 18 in. the city told her and get our notice she says she never sought any way they
8:56 pm
sent award for her arrest that when the cute little guys or store local news and taxes spa and some action they say they gathered some lawn mowers and went to work they cut it down now she just has to go to court to prove that it is cut to but she still has to go to court for her lawn any way to assess his speech was at the boy's kindness that is very sweet and tart to imagine the city officials going that far. >>reporter: you think they have she is an old woman we do not have the problem here because it rains once a month we do not have long cutting issues here it will be hot this weekend still in the '90s tomorrow it will not be as hot triple digits afternoon highs 94 livermore mid-90s in general is to ensure line nice and cool here is the seventh forecast for you i will much of the court on monday but
8:57 pm
things back into line become wednesday religious when they of cooling down of you want to call it that. >>catherine heenan: i did not come in monday and went to the beach it was legit act toward off that is if everybody for 8:00 stay connected we hope to see you at 11:00. music
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